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The Dangers of Acid and Your Teeth

Acids found in food and liquids can have a harmful effect on your teeth. Each tooth has a hard protective layer called the enamel. When acids come in contact with the enamel, the acids can make it soft. When this happens repeatedly, your enamel can wear away and can never be restored naturally. The chance of getting cavities increases for those whose teeth are regularly exposed to food with high acid contents. It is impossible to make a complete list, as acidic foods are found everywhere, but following are some of the more common acidic food and beverages: beer, beef, soft drinks, coffee, fish, lamb, pasta, white flour, table salt, pork, and white bread. Even grazing on fruits and vegetables slowly throughout the day can expose your teeth to acid damage. Bacteria in your mouth, which feeds on sugars, can also create acid. Here are some ways to avoid acid damage:

  • Avoid snacking continuously throughout the day.

  • Rinsing and flossing, and chewing sugar free gum after eating during the day can be helpful.

    • Chewing gum boosts saliva production up to 10 times the normal flow. Saliva helps strengthen teeth with important minerals. Be sure to select sugar-free gum with xylitol, which is shown to reduce acids in beverages and foods.

  • Drink more water throughout the day if you have low saliva volume or dry mouth.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride strengthens teeth, so make sure fluoride is listed as an ingredient in your toothpaste.

  • Ask your dentist if sealants may be helpful in preventing enamel erosion and tooth decay.

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