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General Dentistry


Dental health and oral hygiene are essential to a positive, healthy lifestyle at every age. At Family Dentistry of Braintree, we take a comprehensive approach to the general dentistry and oral hygiene needs of our clients. We see each person as unique and every family as part of ours.



The options for dental fillings or restorations have expanded significantly in recent years, and we urge our patients and their families to review all the options to make an informed confident decision.

Root Canal Therapy


Millions of teeth are saved every year by root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment. Effectively performed, root canal can relieve tooth pain and save your smile and your teeth.



A good program of dental and oral hygiene includes regular visits to the dentist or the dental hygienist for dental cleanings.



Dental fillings or restorations are sometimes needed to restore the function and integrity of teeth.


Fillings are often needed as a result of tooth decay (caries), trauma, and broken teeth.

Digital X-Rays


X-Rays are pictures or images of the teeth, bones and soft tissues which surround them. Dental x-rays are used to “see” and identify problems such as cavities, hidden dental structures and bone loss, which cannot be seen by simple visual examination.



A tooth which is very badly decayed or damaged may need to be surgically removed.

Prior to removing the tooth, dentist will provide a local anesthetic to numb the area; sedation dentistry may also be employed.



Dental implants are often the preferred method for replacing missing or badly damaged teeth. Dental implants are long-term replacements of missing or badly damaged teeth which are surgically anchored to the jawbone by the dentist. 



We will fit emergencies into our schedule during regular office hours. If you or someone you know is experiencing a dental emergency please call: 781-848-2444

Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing contributes more to a positive self-image that a healthy, beautiful smile. At Family Dentistry of Braintree, we accommodate and can plan for virtually any cosmetic dental needs, from whitening to full mouth restoration. Learn more.

Children's Dentistry


Family Dentistry of Braintree provides exceptional care for the entire family, especially children of all ages! From toddlers to college students, to the “big baby” in grandpa, our family’s specialty is caring for the dental and oral health of the families we serve.


Pediatric dentistry encompasses areas of growth and development, preventive dentistry, and emergency dental services. Learn more.

Family Dentistry of Braintree


Family Dentistry of Braintree is a tradition for personal dental care for over 60 years. We are a second generation family dentist serving the South Shore area from their convenient location on Washington Street in Braintree, Massachusetts. 

Let our family treat your family. At Family Dentistry of Braintree, we will conduct a comprehensive exam and consultation, and then thoughtfully and patiently review your options, helping you to choose a treatment plan that is right for you, your pocketbook and your lifestyle.


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Richard Struzziero, DMD
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Nikki Hall

Dental Hygienist

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Kelsey Meek
Dental Assistant
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Parker Hodges,
Danielle Conrad

Office Manager

Philip Struzziero,
Lori Heslam

Office Manager

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Jessica Crugnale
Dental Hygienist
Our Dentists


A few weeks ago, I suddenly developed a toothache in a back tooth. I was telling my niece about it, and she suggested that I call her dentist, Hodges Family Dentistry of Braintree. I did as she suggested and from beginning to end it was a wonderful experience. Before I go any further, I would like to say that I am apprehensive and quite the “baby” when it comes to going to the dentist. When I arrived, I was greeted by two kind and friendly ladies at the front desk. After filling out the paperwork, Cassy, the dental assistant, brought me into the examination room. My dentist, Dr. Parker Hodges, examined my teeth before Cassy took x-rays. Dr. Hodges looked over the x-rays and explained the situation. He then went over my options and the pros/cons of each. I decided that the best option for me would be to pull the tooth. I got an antibiotic for the infected tooth and an appointment was made to get it pulled. I was, and still am, confident that I went to the right place. When it came to pulling the tooth, I have never had such an experience. Dr. Hodges is methodical, skilled, and painstakingly thorough. I felt no anxiety/nervousness during this appointment. I attribute that to the competent team of Cassy and Dr. Hodges. I did not have a “death grip” on the arms of the dental chair, my shoulders were not tensed up around my ears and my feet were not stiff. That is a first for me. Thank you, Family Dentistry of Braintree.

~Sue Duchaney

Always a joy to go to the dentist. Staff and doctor are great...just like family.

~Ronald G.

Dr. Struzziero, as per usual, was his expert, professional self with a touch of comfort and humor! Danielle, the dental assistant, was great too! Coming in and upon checking out, Danielle, the receptionist couldn't have been more helpful or friendly! Great experience at a most uncomfortable time! Thanks to all.

~Donna B.

Always a joy to visit the dentist! Who says that? I love seeing the smiling faces and catching up with everyone, feels like seeing friends. ~Vanessa P.

Dr Richard Struzziero is the best dentist I've ever had, and in 63 years there have been a lot! He is so knowledgeable, so savvy as to what problems are, so honest about NOT having to do dental work if not needed, and uncannily gentle when working in a patient's mouth. The staff are wonderful, friendly, patient and super helpful.

~Bob G.

Prompt appointment. Lovely personalities of staff. The Jet Blue of Dental Offices.

~Kristina C.

I can't even imagine going to another dental office. It's like coming home to "family"! Dr Struzziero and his incredible team have been taking care of my dental needs for 40 years! I have not been an easy patient, so many stories! Nikki, you're the best!

~Cynthia F.

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